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About this Fundraiser / Sponsorhip Effort

Long time RME friend Kevin Boren & his daughter Katelynn (Team Krazy K's) have been competing in W.E. Rock with their Jeep Cherokee in the Sportman C class. They've had an amazing season this year, with Katelynn sharpening her skills as a driver and Kevin learning how to guide his teenage daughter thru the courses. This season they had four 1st place and two 2nd place finishes! They also won Eastern and Western Point series in W.E. Rock.

During the final Nationals event in Farmington, New Mexico Team Krazy K's found themselves navigating a course near a cliff edge. With an unfortunate roll in the wrong spot, the Cherokee made a full roll over and tumbled over the edge of the cliff. Kevin watched Katelynn drop down to the ground below, 30 feet! Fortunately the roll cage took the impact and kept Katelynn safe inside, but the Cherokee was totaled in the roll.

As the Boren's have come to love competing in W.E. Rock, they plan to take the remaining good parts from the totaled XJ and build a new buggy, stepping up to the ProMod class. This is where we need your help! This build was unplanned and several of the members of RME have suggested a fund to help Team Krazy K's rebuild and get back to what they do best, compete and kick ass!

We're organizing an RME Sponsorship from our members that can contribute and help the Krazy K's back on the courses and dodging cones ASAP. Please help Kevin and Katelynn Boren get back to what they love, if you can and are willing. We're rooting for them!

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    Sep 29, 2021
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