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  1. Greg

    2022 Baja 1000!

    BFG is live broadcasting the contingency for the Baja 1000, happening now!
  2. Greg

    Trip Report The Pickle w/ Vonski

    I love the Pickle in Moab, wish it were 4x longer! It's been awhile and I've really wanted to get out before Winter hit so I posted up on here and @Vonski took the bait! We met up on a brisk Sunday morning and headed out. There was water flowing down the wash and it was iced over in places. It...
  3. Greg

    For Sale GM 4L80E

    2006 4L80E transmission with 90k miles in good running condition. Includes stock convertor. Located in GJ, CO.
  4. Greg

    Pritchett... in a dually Dodge

  5. Greg

    South-East Utah Moab; Pickle next weekend?

    Anyone interested in running the Pickle next weekend, depending on the weather? Doesn't look very warm, TBH. Just want to get out before it gets really cold.
  6. Greg

    Trip Report Billings Canyon, Colorado in the new TJ

    Got the Speed Goat out to one of our local trails for it's first trail run after hauling it home just over a week ago! Billings is pretty damn challenging, lots of big boulders, big ledges and difficult lines. On top of that, the 2-3" of snow we got a couple days ago has been melting off, making...
  7. Greg

    For Sale Summit Machine 35 spline drive flanges

    Get rid for your fragile locking hubs and replace them with rad Summit Machine 35 spline drive flanges! The caps are a bit beat up, so you'll get instant trail cred after installing them, but nothing is broken. Includes all the needed parts. Everything you need to convert for a measly $100...
  8. Greg

    For Sale Jeep TJ/LJ Frame w/ MotoBilt, RuffStuff & TMR parts

    Listing the frame from my project, it's very custom with a lot of aftermarket parts to build a very capable Jeep. I started with a 1997 TJ frame and added front & rear MotoBilt TJ & LJ frame rails, which raise and narrow the frame for more uptravel. This stretched the TJ frame for more...
  9. Greg

    Jeep Speed Goat TJ, the anti-build thread

    The pronghorn is a species of artiodactyl mammal indigenous to interior western and central North America. Though not an antelope, it is known in North America as the American antelope, prong buck, pronghorn antelope and prairie antelope, because it closely resembles the antelopes of the Old...
  10. Greg

    Trip Report Colorado; Chasing Fall Colors, Wild Raspberries, Whistle Pigs & Snow

    The wife and I made our annual Fall Colors trip over the weekend, heading down to the San Juan mountains. As the mountains came into view we noticed how much snow they received the night before, it looked like more than just a good dusting up high! We talked about our options and decided to...
  11. Greg

    Trip Report Moab Rim solo in the Gladiator!

    Quick trip to Moab, wanted to see how the recent suspension, wheel & tire changes worked on the Moab Rim trail. I had ran it previously on 37's and it was challenging, both the Devils Crack and Z Turn caused me a bit of trouble at that time. The 3.5" of suspension lift and 39's made a massive...
  12. Greg

    South-East Utah Moab next weekend?

    Thinking about a daytrip to Moab this upcoming weekend, either Saturday or Sunday. I want to run the Moab Rim, probably something else too. I'd be in the Gladiator on 39's so not Coyote Canyon... 😁 Anyone want to join? The weather looks great, warm but not hot. I'm planning to be in town by 9 am.
  13. Greg

    The Wife's '65 Chevy II 4 door

    Earlier this Summer we picked up a '63 Chevy II that my wife fell in love with, while I was hauling home the C10 & K20 projects. The Chevy II hasn't been on the road for 40 years, doesn't run and has transmission issues, which led to it being parked. My wife has visions of cruising around...
  14. Greg

    Dirt Every Day canceled - Motortrend

    After 11 seasons, Fred Williams & Dave Chappelle show Dirt Every Day has been non renewed. Pretty sad, it was one of the most fun & favorite shows of mine to watch, I can't imagine why it was cut. Pretty bummed, but looking forward to seeing what the future brings for both Fred and Dave. Best...
  15. Greg

    Trip Report Hanging Tree trail... in a flash flood?!

    I had the pleasure of being invited on a run up Hanging Tree trail by @Vonski and nabbed shotgun in his killer Can Am that is highly modified, has rear steer and sits on 37" BFG Krawlers. Also there was @RockChucker with his family and friends in they're very capable group of TJ's, as well as a...
  16. Greg

    Trip Report Colorado; Black Bear & Imogene Pass

    We took the 2 hr drive down to the San Juan mountains yesterday, seeking to escape the heat at home.... and boy did we! 🌧 We drove thru Ouray and up Red Mountain Pass towards the Black Bear Pass trailhead. Right before the turnoff, I spotted a small herd of Bull Elk on the move... there were 3...
  17. Greg

    General Tech Olympus Beadlock Wheels from Teraflex! Round out your build with a set of these tough and durable TeraFlex Olympus Beadlock Off-Road Wheels. These cast alloy wheels feature a reinterpretation of the classic eight-hole design. Engineered with a “form follows function”...
  18. Greg

    Uintah Basin Railway

    They've been fighting for this rail line for years, it's been very controversial with plenty of environmental hoops to address. It'll open up important local energy sources to market. It's far from a done deal, as it would be running thru the national forest. They'll be moving oil from remote...
  19. Greg

    Happy Treason Day!

    Happy 4th of July, fellow Patriots! Enjoy celebrating your freedoms and try to keep all your fingers! 🇺🇸