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    RME Meet n Greet, Dec 3rd at Bewilder Brewing

    Very likely. - DAA
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    Subaru Outbacks

    I saw @bryson make a tool for that out of a ball point pen on the trail once. Worked great! - DAA
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    Hunting Season Opened for us

    Living the life right there! - DAA
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    Permanent Christmas lights

    I have them permanently not put up. Had the builder delete the outlets for them. - DAA
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    RME Meet n Greet, Dec 3rd at Bewilder Brewing

    I'm out for the 17th. Be doing the ExpUT FYTO that weekend. - DAA
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    What did you work on Today; Home Edition

    I give Cindy everything she wants. She gives me everything I want. Easy peasy. Trifles over trifles not withstanding. But those are just trifles. - DAA
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    RME Meet n Greet, Dec 3rd at Bewilder Brewing

    Well yeah. - DAA
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    Favorite Cover Songs

    The dwarf did good. - DAA
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    Duck Jeep? WTF??

    I'm not into the duck thing but chicks are. So if you're into chicks you should be free to make allowances. And from what I'm seeing there's a clear hotness to ducks correlation. My wife gets ducked like crazy and I don't think it's the Jeep. It's the rack pressed against the steering wheel...
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    Your Pic of The Day

    Wait till you see the video! - DAA
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    Your Pic of The Day

    Glad for both of you it worked out! Have had bands come in to predator calls quite a few times. Once, when I was just a kid, they stomped the speaker on my Dad's Johnny Stewart cassette caller. But I've had the mustangs come in first and run off coyotes a couple times too. - DAA
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    Your Pic of The Day

    I found a dead lion once had been stomped literally flat as a pancake by broomtails. No way of knowing if they killed, or just found the dead body and stomped it out of spite. But, dang... It really was something to see, mountain lion spread thin and flat and covered in horse hoof prints...
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    Topic of Discussion Tile. Yes, this is THAT thread

    Seeing this thread pop up gives me a cold shiver almost as bad as @glockman 6.0 thread does. - DAA
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    General Tech What did you work on Today?

    Almost all the best and almost all the worst decisions I ever made involved women. I'd probably do most of the worst ones again though. Those crazy ones all end bad, one even tried to murder me, but for awhile, it's crazy good. And I'm one who would rather regret the things I did, than the...
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    Lighten the mood

    You let her see your bank account? Game over man... - DAA
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    Your Pic of The Day

    Frame grabs from some drone video I took a couple days ago. - DAA
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    Lighten the mood

    I've always wanted to live somewhere I could piss off my front porch when I felt like it. - DAA
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    Lighten the mood

    What I've learned... Some people need fancy stuff for #2. Some people need fancy stuff for #1. If you need fancy stuff for #2 you shouldn't attack those who need fancy stuff for #1 :rofl: . - DAA
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    Lighten the mood

    Oh... well I think the one YOU have is pretty cool. I think... - DAA
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    Lighten the mood

    I've never had a problem squatting and pooping anywhere, without making a mess of myself. But over the years, I've come to realize, that is a skill many lack. I've got friends that I camp with regularly that go to sillier lengths than that just to pinch a loaf in the woods. One of them has...