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    The GMRS Radio Thread

    I kinda liked the good ol days when EVERYONE had a CB in their rig. Sure, it wasn't great quality, but it beats the quality you get when no one in your group can communicate and yet they all have a radio. Just different ones. Guess we still have horns and middle fingers.

    Jeep Speed Goat TJ, the anti-build thread

    I need 50 of them to put in our fleet of trucks.

    Lighten the mood

    ^^^ King me, please.

    Your Pic of The Day

    This view never gets old to me.

    Moab next weekend?

    I’m sitting in the Pritchett parking lot/campground right now, camping. A guy I’m with is good friends with the owner of all the land around here. There will be condos blocking the entrance here “soon”. They haven’t decided if they are going to make a new entrance or just close access to this...

    My Next Project: 1959 VW Beetle

    I got the electrical board in place. One of the biggest pains I have encountered. Originally I built it with 1 1/2” standoffs but that proved to not be enough. The traction cable under it is just too much. I had to add another 1 1/2” spacer to the standoffs to give the needed clearance. It’s...

    Wanted Budget Crawler

    04 Jeep LS Swap - Hard shifting to 4Low

    I vote b. Most good body lift kits come with a drop bracket for the body side linkage mount that keeps the linkage in the same spot it was in before the lift. You may also be getting some torque load on the t case. Does it make it any easier to get 4 low in neutral or coasting forward at 2-3mph?

    Lighten the mood

    I pulled out the wall charger for the first time the other day to charge the batteries in the bug. To my dismay it had a four wire plug that would not fit my three wire 220v outlet. I grabbed the generator that does have a four wire outlet and let that thing run for about 4 hours. Was that...

    Is it ok to have a "make light of" thread?

    This one was interesting. Parked next to this poor guy at Oriellys today. I walked into the store and looked around. I was 99% sure I found his owner in one of the isles. Just by his dress and demeanor. I was at the counter when he came up next to me and asked the sales guy if they had any...

    Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled

    I'll take this one too when you're ready to sell it. Navi should show up tomorrow morning.

    Your Pic of The Day

    Come on man, that meets all the requirements of a sausage breakfast sandwich. Heck, you even got two sausages.

    Lighten the mood

    Well I guess if mirror position is all that's required to make that load safe, we'll let it slide.

    My Next Project: 1959 VW Beetle

    This is the battery monitoring system hooked up to my laptop. Right now it is showing the voltage of each cell in the 5 battery modules. It took some doing, but I finally got the bug plugged in and charging. I originally followed the “old” wiring schematic which was not comparable with the parts...

    Bro, does your sxs even overland?

    Even though you say you’re not joking, we all assume you really are.

    Other Region Alaska by 4x4, whozdunnit

    Hmmmmm..... Where to start? I grew up in Alaska and have traveled just about anywhere you can go by road (not much). Having said that, I have yet to make it all the way to Prudhoe. Be sure to research Prudhoe before just heading there. Once there you can't just drive around as they wont let you...

    Spinoff: Do your kids (or you) drive a manual transmission?

    Livy drives the LJ (6 speed) daily and Ashlee is learning it now. Lucas (11 yo) has driven it a few times off road and has a pretty good feel for the clutch. I'm pushing hard to get them all taught before I do the engine swap this summer when the auto trans goes in. Happy to also report that my...

    My Next Project: 1959 VW Beetle

    Quick update on the dc converter. We finally figured it out. The EV company that sold it to me with the whole “kit” sold me the wrong one. The one I have is for input voltages from 48-100. My system puts out 125 max so I need their next higher voltage converter. The EV company that sold it is...

    Your Pic of The Day

    Welcome to RME. I think you’ll fit in here nicely.

    Lighten the mood

    I showed this to my wife and she was like “yeah, see what I had to do!!!! You owe me.” Then I reminded her that she had an epidural every time. That went over well.