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  1. yellowjacket

    Moab Swimming Hole

    I was wondering if the swimming hole that was located up the river in front of Potato Salad Hill is still there? I hiked (walked) up to it and went swimming with some buddies many years ago there. It was just a secluded area with a perfect circular cliff to jump off of.
  2. yellowjacket

    Calling all Toyota 4X4s with IFS

    This is Tobin Gardner at Larry Miller Toyota in Service. You may or may not have heard about this recall. But Toyota is recalling the Steering Relay Rod on almost all 2nd gen Runners and Trucks. Toyota is calling it the 50N campaign and you will also get a free alignment with that. Give me a...
  3. yellowjacket

    John Swallow

    Isn't John Swallow FOR land use? Can anybody tell me about who we should be voting for?
  4. yellowjacket

    WildYoats BB Down...

    Rob Jackson (SuperRuner) is the guy in charge of the Wildyoats BB. He has the server set up in NC where the icestorm hit, killed 22 people, and took out the power. Just so happens he's living their right now too. He called me earlier today and said it will be down probably till Friday...
  5. yellowjacket

    JOHN SWALLOW for Congress

    Everybody that's into 4wheeling, camping, or anything else outdoors should check him out! In one of his commercials he's on a horse talking about saving the land FOR the people, instead of FROM the people. If we plan on continuing our sport and hobby for years to come, we better start doing...
  6. yellowjacket

    Master Muffler Giveaway

    Hot off the press... Master Muffler manager Chad Everill just called me and told me they are having a Midnight madness sale/giveaway or something. He said they will be giving away magnaflow mufflers, etc. He is at the one on 6700 S. State in Midvale. Chad was saying that there will be 3 or 4...
  7. yellowjacket

    Imports V.s. Domestics

    I would like to know everybody's opinion on Imports v.s. Domestics. I want their HONEST opinion, not the STUBBORN opinion.
  8. yellowjacket

    Little Moab Labor Day

    This might me an alternative for those who can't make it to some where cool like REAL Moab or 21 Road. I was planning to go on a wheeling trip with a big group of family and family friends. Well it didn't work out.:mad: I am planning on going either late Sunday afternoon and do an overnighter...