Additional class added at DCRC!


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From the social medias:

Do you have a buggy but feel overwhelmed by the idea of running pro courses like pictured above? Do you want to let your spouse or teen drive but they aren’t experienced enough for pro courses? Well you’re in luck as we’re adding the equivalent of the WERock Sportsman A class. This allows ALL different types of buggies to run the Stock/Legends courses in their own NEW class. Stock/Legends people, don’t stress as they will NOT be in your class. Will there be a penalty for using rear steer? Yeah, there will. Do we have all the details figured out? Nope, and we’re open to discussion about all of it. We really strive to make the event fit every competitor and make sure everyone is having a good time but as always, the addition of a class requires at least 4 vehicles. If you want to participate in this class you should encourage friends to compete with you! Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

This is a great newbie, old man, youngin’ or womenfolk class. We just want everyone to have the opportunity to try out competition rock crawling and see why we love it so much. I’d love to see some more RME’rs out there- competing or spectating.