Update Area BFE opened?


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Price, Utah
I read it as competition to RR4W’s vendor show.
Competition can be a good thing if done for the right reasons. What would be the reason to try and compete with RR4W for a vendors show? Unless things have changed a lot since I was last at AREA BFE, is there enough room to hold a vendors plus park a couple hundred vehicles for people to attend the show?


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Dixie 4WD (when they had a Moab store) held a vendors show for the last two years, they did it the first time because the 2020 RR4W Vendors Show was cancelled due to being ondoors and Grand County's current Covid rules.

The Dixie show was pretty small and poorly attended both years, IMO. I have a feeling the BFE show will be similar. It's hard to compete with the RR4W show and the massive giveaway... IMO.