Can we talk dogs?


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How much does he weigh? I love Great Pyranees but they are MASSIVE dogs.

My buddy has two Pyrenees and a half Bernese/half St. Bernard. In a small house, with a small yard. It's a full time rodeo over there. And they are pretty protective. I'm the only one besides my buddy and his wife that can go in there safely. I go over and let the dogs out and such when my friend and his wife can't for whatever reason. And I have to keep my eye on the female Pyrenees, she's an evil bitch. She usually shows me love, but sometimes, not... The half Bernese/St. Bernard is the dominant alpha and he loves me though - he keeps her in line pretty good when needed.



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Price, Utah
This wasn’t supposed to happen until Saturday….day 60. We were going to leave for Vegas in the morning to have my BIL do the C-section first thing Saturday. Well I got a frantic call this afternoon from my wife while driving to Salt Lake to look at @Tonkaman truck. Our IG had gone into labor.

I do not have 100% confidence in our local vets and that was reinforced after this emergency visit. Everything went well with the delivery but they made a decision after that I am not happy with and elicited a WTF reaction from my BIL. When the babies were delivered thy put them into an incubator to keep them warm. After they finished the c section they put the mother in the incubator with the puppies. So now we have a dog coming out of anesthesia surrounded by 10 puppies…….yeah 10 o_O As she came out of anesthesia saying WTF she ended up biting 2 of the puppies. They both were bitten on a leg and needed a couple of stitches. My BIL will not put the mother with the puppies until she is coherent and has some reasonable awareness of her surroundings.

Anyway, 1 puppy had some developmental issues so it was put down. That leaves us with 9 puppies. Her last litter was 6 so this is a significant increase. We will be watching weights closely and probably doing some supplemental bottle feeding.

We have 2 pied, 3 brindle and I think 1 blue and 2 fawn sable and 1 blue fawn. 9A4DCF52-4814-46B7-AC80-81EF66FA2A83.jpeg