Cedar City W.E. Rock.


Recovering XJ owner anonymous
Southern Utah
Cedar went much better than Bagdad. We actually finished all the courses. Day one we were in 2nd place by 7 points. Day 2 was close and fought back and forth and ended the day 2 points out of first place.
Then came our first ever shoot out course.
Things we're going good until we hit the 4th gate. It was steep climb. I climbed up to watch the cones and the car just wasn't climbing. We wasted probably 3-4 mins until we realized the rear was stuck on the diff. We finally figured that out and got up the obstacles but ended up hitting 2 cones and a bunch of reverses for the regular courses.

With only a little time left we then had options of trying several different bonus lines with our remaining time. We climbed the first easy but hit the cone. Then going down a different one we hit the cone. So we had no extra bonus points and our time ended. 😒 Our competition ended up hitting 2 cones with less reverses and he had more time to clean a bonus line we were rushed through. We took 2nd in Pro mod by 16 points.
Super proud of Katelynn and our efforts. Of course I wanted a win but we will get one. The car did great and gave us zero problems. Next stop is a fun comp in Delta. FB_IMG_1683639800369.jpgFB_IMG_1683639782573.jpgIMG_20230506_222403_354.jpgIMG_20230506_222350_595.jpgIMG_20230506_222001_638.jpgIMG_20230506_221939_669.jpgFB_IMG_1683639820464.jpgFB_IMG_1683639807744.jpg