'Gambler / Hooptie class' racing the Mint 400


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I had heard about this right before it happened, still trying to figure out the class and requirements. It's called the "Gambler / Hooptie Class", I love the idea of racing the Pontiac Bonneville at the Mint!

This is a pretty fun story about a gal and her modified Mazda Miata... its pretty eye opening to hear about a normal Jane competing in a Miata in one of the oldest offroad races in the States.



Sandy, Ut
That class looked like a riot. I crawled around a handful of them at tech/continentcy and saw quite a few coming through our pit on Friday. The Dixxon Flannel limo had a rough go. They were in the pits doing repairs for quite some time. They later broke on course and someone came not once but twice to rob it of parts :(

Side note, never abandon your car on the racecourse. We pack enough stuff to stay with the car overnight if needed.
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