For Sale Getting out of the quad business, need advice


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I have 3 quads that I have not used since the end of 2020….Covid really did change everything. “If you are not going to drive them, why keep them” -wifey 9:25

All 2000-2002 4x2 era quads
Honda 400 ex
Polaris 400 2 stroke liquid cooled (scary fast)
Yamah 350 warrior (This thing just won’t die)
Sets of additional sand wheels/tires some brand new. Batteries and all extra parts and pieces

2 place custom trailer that will support an upper level for kayaks and/or camp platform.

I have no idea what the market loooks like now days. Probably the wrong time of year to try and sale

Looking for what You think I should $ell this lot for… something that would be a good “quick sale” price. I will probably post on KSL next week, but looking for some real advice

Thanks in advance.


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Agreed sell separately. The 400EX is likely the most valuable but those Sport 400’s were so cool! I dunno I’m a few years behind the covid cost of things so I’m not much help on pricing.