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With a Buick to Chev adapter you can run several transmissions. I like the 700R4 with 3.50 gears. We ran one behind my son's El Camino with a 650 hp 496 big block on slicks, it was build by a friend of mine who knows all the tricks.


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6l80/90 does have the controller in the transmission pan however it is pretty tricky to get working without the matching E38 ecu; general consensus is not worth it without the LS engine from what I've researched. There was a 200r4 on KSL the other day I think?

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Can confirm. 6l80 does have a tcm in the pan. And it needs a LOAD of data from the E38 Gen iv ecm. I put a 6l90 behind my Gen iii motor with a stand alone controller from PCS. 10/10 would not recommend. It has been an expensive and time consuming exercise to get it running 80% as good as it could run. I would recommend a 4l80. It’s a th400 with overdrive. If you want to avoid the computer control stuff…put in a manual valve body.
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I'd just do gear vendors, still thinking about it for my thing and the other 40 might too. If ya pull the headers I'd get some remflex gaskets and maybe some nord locks?