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Make RME Rockcrawling Again!
Yesterday was an absolute blast, I hope everyone that attended had just as much fun! Feel free to add your pics and vids, I didn't capture nearly enough.... I'll be adding more pics and vids as I edit & upload them.

We started nice & early, wanting to be the first group on the trail and hoping to be off the trail before the forecasted storms hit the area. They were supposed to hit in the afternoon, just enough time to run Hanging Tree and get off the trail, as long as we didn't waste too much time on the trail! I really didn't want to get caught up in a flash flood, like last year!

Along for the run, we had;

@GER4x4 is his well built TJ on Sticky 37" Treps
@AaronPaige in his big buggy on Rockwells and 46" Baja Claws
@Pile of parts in his very capable CJ7 on 38" SX's
Kim & Jody in a built CJ5 on IROK's
@kmboren in his comp buggy with sticky 40" Creepy Crawlers
@Hickey in his CJ Buggy with a 5.0, Manual trans & 40" DOT ProComp tires
Catherine & I in the Speed Goat TJ on 40" Nitto Trail Grapplers





We rolled out of the parking area and it was still a little chilly, passed thru the private property and gates, closing them as we passed. Not long after that, we drove into the mouth of the canyon and noticed that the water was flowing pretty good. Not a ton of water, but more than enough to get tires wet and make climbing the boulders and ledges a bit challenging. We took a quick break at the start, dropped into low range and headed up the trail!


We were making a pretty good pace, with everyone working their way up, over and around the challenges along the way.






At the Sluice Box, we parked and checked out the lines and options... I decided to take the 'easy' route to the left, trying to keep the delay down. It still took some effort and throttle to bounce up it! Aaron was behind me and up next, he decided to play with the steeper option and after a few attempts and bounces, we noticed the passenger front wasn't pulling any more. Something in the axle had let go and he pulled out of the way to let others play. A few others attempted the steeper right side, with most everyone getting denied and being forced to take the easier line up the center. The wet tires were really causing traction trouble! Aaron decided that he'd turn back and limb the buggy to the trailer and call it a day, which sucks... but was a wise call.




The remaining group of 6 continued on, battling the boulders & ledges as we worked our way up the trail.





Right around Noon, we made it to Gordo's Launch Pad... the final and most challenging obstacle on Hanging Tree! This trip was the 3rd time I've been on this trail, but my first time driving it. It's pretty easy to give someone else driving it advice about making it up & over... 'You need more momentum.... more wheel speed.... grab a higher gear... avoid that ledge at the top left as you come up.... run it at an angle..." etc, etc, etc. I attempted it 5-6 times in 1st gear and it didn't feel bad, but I wasn't getting up and over. Decided this was a good point to take lunch, let the Jeep cool down and try again in a bit.

After a quick break, I 'encouraged' my wife to sit this one out... I didn't want to roll with her along for the ride. :eek: With some advice to grab 2nd gear, carry a little more speed, I gave it a few more tries. Jason was standing next to me towards the bottom and I told him 'One more time and then I'll winch it!" With just enough speed, I got the Speed Goat up and over, tires spinning and apparently airborne much of the way over the top! I didn't think it was going to happen... ( pic by @Hickey )


Next up was Jeremy and he gave it several tries, getting closer and closer. With the manual transmission in 3rd gear, he damn near crested the top ledge only to run out of momentum and get denied, sliding all the way back down. Putting it in 4th gear this time, he eased the clutch out and opened up the V8... the gearing was so high, the engine didn't start picking up RPM until half way up... then when it pulled, it PULLED! He was up and over, with excessive wheel spinning throwing water & dirt on the way out!

Next up was Kevin, he did his best to crawl it trying to ease the buggy up and was getting close, but not quite enough. He backed down the hill, grabbed a higher gear and hit the waterfall with a lot of speed and RPM, the engine bouncing off the limiter as the buggy flew over the top. Kevin is a pro, he knew exactly how much speed and momentum was needed to climb up and over!

It was Glen's turn and I think he surprised us all when he nearly crawled right up early on... those sticky tires hooked up and nearly got his Jeep up and over! Still, it wasn't enough.... he started from the bottom and felt out the hill a couple more times, finding the right combination of traction and momentum to get up and over!

Jason was up next and he also put the manual trans in a higher gear, giving the 5.3 LS a workout and spinning the SX's with a handful of valiant attempts. On the last one, the driver front tire hit the rock at the top and bounced the CJ pretty hard, looking like it had the potential to do some damage. Jason decided to call it and take the strap, getting yanked up.

Finally it was Kim's turn in the CJ5.... with a short wheelbase, leaf springs and wet IROK's, he gave it a couple attempts and decided taking the strap was the best option.

Done with Hanging Tree, we finished the trail and climbed out to the dirt road... Jeremy learned that apparently, he broke a shaft on the passenger front. With a quick yank up the hill from Kevin, we got everyone on the dirt road and made our way out of the mountains and back to the tow rigs. It was a great day and so much fun! We all loaded up and headed out... noticing that dark clouds were moving in. Not too far outside of Ephriam, we got caught up in a massive downpour and thunderstorm... so happy that we were off the trail!

Pile of parts

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The Waterfall is always fun. The Maxxis and Nitto tires, along with with some excellent driving, seemed to be the right combination.
Glen almost crawled on his first attempt and made it look easy on the next.

Kevin rides the Rev limiter.

Greg catches some air.

Jeremy makes sure he gets over it. I love the spray of water as he refuses to let off the gas.


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The Waterfall is always fun. The Maxxis and Nitto tires, along with with some excellent driving, seemed to be the right combination.
Glen almost crawled on his first attempt and made it look easy on the next.

Kevin rides the Rev limiter.

Greg catches some air.

Jeremy makes sure he gets over it. I love the spray of water as he refuses to let off the gas.
Greg has one video from the top that shows my stub shaft breaking right at the top of the waterfall