Is it ok to have a "make light of" thread?


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I sure hope he had that exhaust coming out both sides. Probably the coolest truck ever.

Based on the ratchet strap holding up the exhaust only being on one side, I'm thinking it's just one sided unfortunetly... We gotta leave this world behind...


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I saw an advertisement on a Mexican restaurant for "Purina el polllo" which sounded like something to feed the dog. The online translator came up with purify the chicken. Maybe I misread it....


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I honestly can't tell if I am just completely out of touch with pricing, or if people are just high.

This appears (hard to tell from the super hi-quality pics) to be a pretty basic LJ. No real detail....but DAM, this is just crazy to me.

This, while it looks nice and clean, and a new 5.3L crate motor is cool......I still can't see the asking price

Then this. The guy can't even tell you the correct model of Wrangler. For being "restored" you would think he'd know a CJ from aYJ