Lighten the mood


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Ogden, UT
You have to be able to laugh at yourself right? Well here is a quick story about me being dumb...

I finished the front axle swap on my current Comanche project, so I decided I'd flip it around and finish the rear axle swap. I've done this move once before - push it out of the shop (battery dead not currently running) and do the Austin Powers 30 point turn in the drive of the shop and push it back in. I was doing this alone and it was all going great, on about my 15th, "crank the wheel and push back" I screwed up and pushed too far, the truck went off the concrete and into the DOWNWARD SLOPING grass pointed straight at my HOUSE. Hard to tell from the pic, but the grass is a gradual downward slope to a much steeper slope. I push on the truck to stop it... it wont stop. "Jump in and hit the brakes," I thought, but I recall all brakes are disconnected. "Jump in and jam it into gear," I thought, but I recall only the front drive shaft is loosely installed and the transmission and transfer case is in neutral. During this exciting 5 seconds, the truck is slowly creeping closer to the steep part of the lawn. With one of my bedroom windows in straight alignment with the truck, I shove my foot behind the front driver tire (of course I'm doing this in flip flops) and the truck stops moving! So there I am, foot wedged behind the tire wondering what to do next, so I take off both flip flops and shove them behind the tire (not totally stopping the truck but slowing it's roll) then sprint to a big block of wood near the shop and sprint back to chock it. I proceeded to go get my truck as an anchor using a hi-lift to winch and do my first recovery of the Comanche as I wasn't strong enough to push it back onto the concrete. Tucked it in safe and sound, my foot etc. is all fine, and I don't have a new back yard door :rofl:. I'll start pulling the rear axle out tonight.