South-East Utah Moab next weekend?


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Thinking about a daytrip to Moab this upcoming weekend, either Saturday or Sunday. I want to run the Moab Rim, probably something else too.

I'd be in the Gladiator on 39's so not Coyote Canyon... 😁

Anyone want to join? The weather looks great, warm but not hot. I'm planning to be in town by 9 am.


.......a few dollars more
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Hrrrrrmmmmm, Sunday is likely better for me. I hope my trailer, Cherokee and CJ are gone by then. WAY tired of dealing with people

Edit: I'm out. Have family coming over (it's a good thing)
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So since I am not on Facebook my info was off. The group I am in is running Pritchett on Saturday. But sounds like a group is still running hells as well.