New Lbryson toy


Hey dad can I have a few dollars more…
My new ride, 127,000 miles dads not excited about the XJ part but that’s fine he’ll get over it. We saw the UROC sticker and we’re both curious about it, same deal with the front suspension. Anybody recognize it? It also obviously needs some front tires so if anybody’s got so 32s or 33s kickin around let me know. @mbryson


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Trate D

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Looks like the OG teraflex long arm upgrade. Which in fact has terrible range of motion. Long lower short upper massive pinion angle at droop.
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.......a few dollars more
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Shoulda called me Marc. I have some wheels and tires for that machine

Did you have those listed here and I missed them? We were FaceBook Marketplace/KSL folks all Friday/Saturday until we found a setup that would work. Would have saved me 75-100 miles and 3-4 hours of chasing if I'd known you had those. (we still need to chat about a "roll bar" tube you mentioned in my JT thread)