Pros and cons 1946 willys cj2a kubota swap


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Thinking about doing a kubota v2203 swap in my 1946 cj2a I have the engine already it's out of a refer, so I would have to turbo it, has anyone one on this forum done this swap. I would like some input on some pros and cons.


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You wouldn’t HAVE to turbo it, but I would do it too.

Refer engine injection pumps typically have very little useable RPM range. I haven’t done much with the Kubota stuff, but from my experience, it wouldn’t be a great road pump. It would probably be decent offroad.

Personally, I’d suggest a TDI swap. Much more aftermarket support and adapter plates available. I know a guy selling a TDI to AX15 plate right now. It’s on KSL too I believe.


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I was just reading a thread about this the other day. The consensus was that youd be time, weight, power and money ahead by doing the VW TDI diesel swap it instead.

Those motors are heavy, tall, low-power, no rpm range, and virtually zero aftermarket support.


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Hey Erik, good to see you back on here again!

If you have the Kubota engine, I'd say do it! I looked into the swap awhile ago and the biggest hangup I saw was the cost of the adapter. I don't think anyone on here has done it before.

Have you seen this article? A Kubota powered Flatty...