For Sale Random cleanup stuff


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Twin Falls, ID
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I am finally working on emptying out my box van, and I forgot just how much crap is in there.
All stuff without listed price is for offer, keep in mind I am in Twin Falls so shipping or waiting for a trip will need to happen.
Repair manuals for Velvet Drive Marine transmission, one for direct drive 71 series, the other for reduction gear type.
Detroit inline 71 operators manual
York AC compressor, with an adjuster pulley, $50
Mercury Marine snowmobile dolly, $150
Antique grinder/wire wheel, it's a motor, a belt, and the grinder wheel mounted on a board. Not OSHA approved, but works, $25
Vacuum pump, I need to dig it out the rest of the way to find the specs, but it has a 5/8" hose inlet and is an oil filled type so pretty stout. $50
Wheelchair, standard hospital style, $50

I'll probably add more stuff as I go through it more. Also consider trades towards a Ford 31spline transfer case with a fixed yoke or flange rear output. 1356 or a 208, not picky.