Official RME Apparel is BACK!!


Make RME Rockcrawling Again!
After a lot of work, we're excited to bring back RME Apparel & Gear!

Hoodies, Shirts, Jackets and more to show your support for this place! We've done our best to offer options that make everyone happy. The designs are killer and they look awesome. I've ordered some samples, worn and washed them and they're holding up well.

( The website is still under construction, so it looks a bit unfinished... I still don't have hats or patches yet, but they're in the works. )

Get your RME Gear here! -

Hoodies & Jackets -

Shirts -

Glasses, Bottles, Mugs & Coasters -

I'm hoping to add more image options over time, I'll make an announcement in this thread when we have new items added to the store.

If you have a problem with your order, please let me know via PM and I'll take care of it.

Kevin B.

Big hippy
Welcome! I should have done this long ago, rather relying on someone else to provide the merch. I just hope these are decent quality and that the print lasts.

Obviously we all like quality gear. But we also really appreciate this place and the effort you put into keeping it alive. If buying and wearing a tshirt helps keep the lights on and helps spread the word to new users, then I'm all in. And if ends up wearing out sooner rather than later, then I'll buy another one.


Make RME Rockcrawling Again!
✅ - RME apparel added to my wardrobe of motorcycle racing branded clothing. I am now officially politically correct following the principle of equity, diversity and inclusion

Let me know what you think of that windbreaker when you get it, I didn't have a chance to order a sample of that one and it looks pretty handy.