Sand Hollow over New Years


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I’ll be down south over the new year. Will be down there from Dec 29 to Jan 5 but probably only wheelin 29th to the 2nd ish. Then will be doing other stuff with the fam. Would love to run some new stuff and stuff I haven’t completed yet such as Joint effort and nasty half.


.......a few dollars more
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Get that rear end linked.

I just have the expensive stuff to go :D ORI is likely where I'm leaning today. That's $2200. I need an upper link setup and another couple of Summit Machine joints for the lowers, $700-800 more $. I'd also like to swap out my 14 bolt to a disk brake version before welding a truss... Likelihood of finding a 4.56 geared 14 bolt that will accept the 10.5" Detroit (unknown by me at this point)

You talked me out of heading down in the CJ. Too many $ to overcome in the time I have. Maybe I'll just spectate in the JT?


Lindon, Ut
There is a 9/10 rated trail in the middle of Ledges that I have wanted to check out. Last time time I attempted it there was a broken SXS in the middle of the trail. I believe the Trail is called devils cauldron.
In the middle ?? could be interesting. Does it include that Mouse Trap obstacle ? Thats a fun spot