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Have you given any consideration to running a factory shroud and a big fan with a clutch? I have a 7 blade fan with a truck clutch, most of the time it runs a thermostat temp about 170. Don't forget the radiator, I have a big block Griffin with 2 rows, each are 1 1/2" for a core of 3 inches. At almost 500 cu. in. AC in the summer is no problem except sometimes at a stop light it will go up but comes right down when I get moving. I have ran similar combinations on several big horse cars with good sucess.

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I actually have given strong consideration to that on the Buick. I'd like to see if the Ford electrics work but if they do not, I'm going right back to the stock type setup like you outline. If I do go back to the setup you have on the first gen, I'd love to run my parts list past you. Getting a 455 shroud is kind of a bit challenging but I'm still keeping an eye out for one (just assuming I need to go there). I'm curious if a Chevelle/Cutlass/LeMans unit would work as well as the Buick piece but I've not researched that enough at this point.20220124_214325.jpg

Not the greatest pic but it does show the "fit" that the Edge fan setup gives. It'll be pretty cool if it works out but I'm not sure how a 100* day will respond to the big motor and the electric fans. (thus the stock setup type fallback plan). I don't have a newer aluminum radiator but do have the older brass tank crossflow THICK core A-body unit.
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I’m in the process of wiring my 2-speed fan on my buggy. I should also mention that I’m a wiring dummy, and am easily intimidated by multiple wire connections, relays, switches, etc. I used the part numbers @Pile of parts suggested, and bought this pigtail on eBay. D41C820B-06C7-435E-85C7-722DC018DAFC.jpeg
So far, it’s all coming together.
I plan to wire it like this, with said Volvo relay:


The fan switch has 14x1.5 threads. I used an adapter to go from the metric threads to 1/2” NPT which there are various spots for on my TBI350
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