TMR DIY toe alignment tool review


.......a few dollars more
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So this showed up quite some time ago. After the new BFG and the more streetable aspects of my trail Jeep I thought I should get this closer than previous sets of tires.


Kind of a simple product for $50+ but to save a couple $400+ tires, I’ll give it a shot.

fits many bolt patterns. My “Jeep” is 8 on 6.5” and it fit right up. I cinched down the lug nuts to my wheels studs and grabbed a measuring tape.

I’ve used a cut piece of 2x4 in the past to “set” toe. We’ll see how well it did.
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.......a few dollars more
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Now back to one tape. image.jpg
Front measurement
Let’s call that 75 7/16…

rear measures image.jpg

75 7/16 + a scalp (or whatever hair measurement you prefer) hair.

I think it’s time for a drive? (After I put the wheels/tires back on)


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Cordless impacts are the best. I seriously regret not getting one WAY sooner.

The alignment tool is cool too. It's one of those things that we could all make ourselves but buying stuff is important too