Today I Want This....


.......a few dollars more
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It seems like he’s put tons of good parts on it for sure. Hard to stomach 20k for a 97 with 145 on the odometer

Same opinion here. It's still a TJ with probably crappy HVAC fans and whatever other issues a TJ has. It's a great looking rig but $20k seems high-ish. Probably worth it but I'd be super interested around $14-16k. There are some pretty basic TJ in that price range though, so I see where the owner is coming from.

I had the opportunity to drive a pretty stock 35" tire, 4.0L/5 Speed TJ on the Fins and Things trail last weekend. SUPER fun to have that opportunity. Great little rigs. My son's '97 with 4.0L/auto on 33" tires with 4.10 gears is pretty fun to drive as well.


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Ogden, UT
Definitely something streetable, I have too many hobbies to only be able to drag to the trail as it’s only use. I have a sxs that is legal but just have a soft spot for built full bodied rigs.