What did you work on Today; Home Edition


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Holladay, Utah
It's been a busy last couple of days, mulched up the corn patch, cut down and mulched up dead branches from the walnut tree, pulled up soaker hoses, picked the last of the apples, picked the beans, tomatoes, peppers, mowed the lawns, fixed a lawn mower my dad gave me, fixed a chipper shredder my neighbor gave up on, cleaned the chimney, covered up the swamp cooler, cleaned up the down spout grates and charged assorted batteries in the toys. Trying to get ready for winter while the weather is nice. Still lots more to do....


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So Jo, Ut


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Salt Lake City
I have been working on a fire pit for our back patio. When I ran gas to the garage I had a line t off for a fire pit. When we looked and saw these things going for a few thousand $. I sad F' that and started my own. Picked an octagon for the body and will attempt to pour a concrete cap. Some metal studs, left over hardi backer and some thin brick and I think it will turn out OK.

I have to go back and address my first corners since I didn't so the best job on them...but when it's all said and done I don't think it will be too noticeable. It will house a 24" fire ring and blue glass media(per the wife).


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