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Plain City, UT
This is a shot from the cell towers above Toqueville. The road in the middle foreground is the main road to Toquerville falls. The town of Toquerville is centered, with LaVerkin to the leftt and Hurricane near the top. The Hurricane Sand Dunes (Sand Hollow) can be seen through the haze at the extreme upper right. (photo credit to kmboren)



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Twin Falls, ID
Well I work for skywest so most look like grandmas 😂. I’m an old man in the skywest world and most of my FA’s are 10-15 years older than me. But touché they probably still better than those lot lizards
Hey, at this point if someone wanted to take me home, bake me some cookies, and knit me a sweater, I'd be down for that.

Besides, I've seen some lot lizards around here, and most are old and nasty. The good looking ones are cops.