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Ended up helping out a friend yesterday with his 56, we wasn't sure the problem till we got there, as he was cranking it I seen fuel dumping out of the rear carburetor (has dual Carter's) all around the distributor area, told him you aren't driving this one home today. He called a tow truck first and when they got there it was just an epic fail on them being able to get the car on without damage so we ran back to my brothers and got the truck and trailer and did it ourselves, my bro still hasn't added a winch to his trailer he's had since the 80s so we just used come alongs and got it on and took her home.



Yesterday was the first time I've been to Bob's and seen his collection, I've seen some of his cars separate throughout the years and OH MY! 😳. Amazing.




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I spent Tuesday driving around the Olympic Peninsula for the first time in years, I'm kinda surprised my old Hyundai made it there and back but at 40mpg it made the trip somewhat affordable.
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Nice clouds, rain, and greenery. It was kinda depressing crossing back into the tumbleweed and scrub on the trip back.
I spent a month + traveling around the Olympic Peninsula last year. What an amazing place!