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Lehi, UT
The sticker on your neighbors mailbox is reason enough to just wipe it out "accidently"
I can't say much, I am also a fan of that blue team haha. I think it may have already been there prior to him moving in, but I can't confirm it. They are good people, but its just a pet peeve of mine. They are also my son's daycare, so there's that haha.
That used to be my brothers toy hauler, He sold 2ish year ago. It was always rough but he used the crap out of it. I even took it to Delta a few times with my promod car in it.
Thats kind of awesome really, a little more history to it for sure. Its YUUUUGE in there, so doesn't surprise me that the promod would have been in there too. Was he the one that put all the white stuff all around the windows? The guy we got it from said it was that way when he got it.

We are starting on it soon, and excited to mess with it. Should be a fun project, and excited to make it ours. May do a build thread on it when we start.
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I'm working on it Rose
Price, Utah
Me and Big Red here pulled and stacked a good majority of this lathe pile Sunday morning. (This is only part of test #1 of 4)!
He's pushing 70. The older generation guys can put in work!
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Here is what 3200 pieces of lathe looks like after it has all been nicely stacked from the pile you helped make.



But stuck more often.
Disappointed there are no ducks on the dash
Ha! She has one hanging from the driver sun visor and another loose one. I told her a long time ago she can keep them but I have to be able to hide them when I get in. So the loose one was in the glove box and the other was tucked up above the visor.


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