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I used to be pretty cool-ish
Today they are working-class turds. Also I feel like I need a jackhammer of my own instead of renting one. I mean I don’t think I’ll ever need one again but I bought a chainsaw for a one time use as well and no ragerts…IMG_1372.jpeg


I'm working on it Rose
Price, Utah
Catherine did pretty well, but at one point her mule just... stopped. 🤣

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We picked up a bottle of Vinsanto in Santorini and it's incredible over vanilla ice cream!

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Ann’s mule insisted on being in front. If another one tried to pass it would pick up the pace which sent her into swearing fits. I may have been guilty of prodding my mule to pass hers a couple times:grimacing:


But stuck more often.
Did a service on this truck the other day. After finishing all the underside stuff I lowered the truck to put the wheels back on. I rolled this one over to the axle and it literally just fell right onto the studs. Didn’t have to lift it or make any alignment adjustments. Just landed perfectly. In 23 years of rotating tires I don’t think that’s ever happened to me. Had to take a picture.