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Too cool... That poor Jeep looks pretty rough already for only being ~10ish years old (assuming mid 1950s for the pic)!

There's another one I've seen but can't find right now that has about 5-6 buck deer in/on the Jeep and about 4-5 Bryson's (my grandfather and his brothers). I guess they used to go and get deer that other people had shot and couldn't recover in Farmington Canyon and the like? (at least that's the family lore).
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Yes, I have never been up there. Very cool ride. Can you put kayaks on that water?
Yes, any boat that you can carry down to the water, they don't ever open the gate for vehicles. The ramp was originally intended to allow vehicles but because of the rock fall mitigation they had to install it's too narrow for your average boat owner to back a trailer down. You should really try and get up there when it's spilling. Pretty spectacular. It doesn't happen every year and most years when it does spill it's only for 3-10 days or so.

Blindstream pass is such a beautiful drive, as is Wolf Creek pass. Definitely one of my favorite routes.


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What does the world need more of? Young Cruiserheads!


Meet Paddy of @project__sixty, a 17 year old Australian rebuilding an FJ62. He picked it up at 14 years old and has done the vast majority of the work himself. He eats, sleeps, and breathes Land Cruisers.

I had the opportunity to meet Paddy and his family this afternoon at the @landcruisermuseum. As you can imagine, he was pretty excited about the place, and I was fortunate to swap Cruiser stickers with him. He was stoked to get a Cruiser Outfitters 'Jeeps are Shit' sticker, and he left me with some of his Project Sixty stickers.

I encourage and promote all youth to get into Cruisers and/or cars. I purchased my first Land Cruiser before I could drive, a $1200 1968 FJ40 that needed everything. It was my world, it later become my profession and has created more lifetime friends and experiences than I could have ever imagined. I hope Paddy experiences life the same way.


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Went to this place.


Spent 7 hours sitting in this thing


Turned out like this



I'd call it 'semi-cleared'. I ended up doing about 4x's more than you can see in the photos (maybe 3/4 acre or so?) It's not ready for a putting green yet.. but totally acceptable for camping / driving / walking / etc


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Nothing like breaking in Bart and his new rig on Arrowhead and Chain reaction. I ended up on my lid on a difficult obstacle on Chain reaction. View attachment 164175View attachment 164174View attachment 164173View attachment 164172View attachment 164171

I'm starting to think you should put some extra axles on top of the car, you spend enough time upside down..

sort of like those old RC cars that drove upside down..


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I have been practicing and working on my trials bike recently. Installed a new kickstand since mine was missing when I bought it, and some better grips for gripping.


At the meet, I did absolutely terrible, but it gave me an idea of what I need to continue to work on and improve. I also fell off the bike probably 6 feet to the road below, and probably cracked a couple ribs, and maybe bruised/pulled some muscles. Hurts like a mother to cough, sneeze, blow my nose. So lets hope I don't get sick. My dad, uncle, and cousin all competed as well, and asked what I thought of it. I said minus falling it was a lot of fun and I will keep at it. Its just rock crawling on two wheels instead of 4.

Prior to my fall:

After my fall when I wanted to die, but stuck it out for the remainiing 28 sections.


My son chilling like a villain