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    Favorite Cover Songs

    That song gets covered so much, and Willie Nelson's is the only version I've ever heard that did it justice.
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    SUWA isn’t anti-OHV

    When being outdoorsy is trendy you end up with ***sticks like this. I think you all are tilting against windmills, but I admire your tenacity.
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    (WTB) Vinyl cut stickers (

    I went through several of the red badge RME stickers, they didn't seem to last longer than a year or two in the sun. This would be cool.
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    Today I Want This....

    That's an exercise in excess if I've ever seen one.
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    Lighten the mood

    Bumper dumper! Pretty sure @jeeper has one. Or did. I am just not too terribly good at squatting and balancing while I do my business, and the knees don't like it. I can and do, but I prefer to put my back on a tree or something. That strap looks pretty neato to me.
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    Lighten the mood

    Brother Matthew can send it.
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    Lighten the mood

    Yes. This approaches a Shut Up And Take My Money situation. I may have to make one.
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    Plenty O Stuff for sale!

    Hey, I got a home for one of those slides. Both, if nobody else wants the other.
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    Lighten the mood

    No way. Anybody who has seen my Dutchy OF Disorder knows that dude's space is way too clean to be an ADHD garage. :rofl:
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    What are you listening to?

    It's so hard to know what Bryson is thinking. You really gotta read between the lines.
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    Electric vs. "fossil fuel"- how will electric vehicles affect off-roading?

    You're in Utah, nerd, there's no uranium. Coal gassifier or GTFO.
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    Electric vs. "fossil fuel"- how will electric vehicles affect off-roading?

    It's all about range, and probably swappable batteries. As battery (or hydrogen, or something else we don't know about?) tech gets better, you'll see more electric rigs in the backcountry for sure. Right now, most guys don't spend more than a day or two running around even with jerry cans...
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    Lighten the mood

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    Cool Video Thread?

    I don't know NASCAR, is there not a rule against that? Because if not, I bet there will be in about a week...
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    Your Pic of The Day

    Some folks just want to be offensive. I think it comes from a utter lack of any sort of redeeming personality trait, so they sell out in the opposite direction and just try and be the biggest asshole they can. I appreciate the advertisement, personally.