Trip Report 21 Road with Travis & friends.


I run a tight ship... wreck
I got a last minute invite from an old friend from work, he and his buddies were out in Western CO from Denver and wanted to run 21 Road. I already had the TJ loaded on the trailer, so it didn't take too much convincing to head up my favorite local trail! We met up at the staging area, had a mix of Jeeps and SxS's ready to go see what 21 Road held for us! There has been some recent rain and the wash had a trickle of water running down... not too unusual for this time of year. It gets really nasty if there's a lot of water, the bottom of the wash gets like wet concrete and you can't stay on the rocks to save your life! We buzzed up passing the first 1/3rd of the trail, then dropped into the wash for some proper rock crawling action! What's so fun about 21 Road is you can choose your challenges... like one of those 'choose your own adventure' books! There are easy lines, harder optional lines and many hardcore, might break your sh!t options!

We took it mostly easy, playing around and having fun. I'll admit, I didn't take nearly as many pics as I should have... hard to drive and film/get pics! We took a lunch break around Noon at the Alcove, enjoyed the shade and cool weather, then continued on up the canyon. The deeper you go, the tighter it gets and the less options you have for easier routes. Towards the end, we parked a couple of the rigs and eased our way up to Carnage Corner. It gets straight nasty up at the end. After some effort, very careful spotting and a couple key rocks, I made it round Carnage Corner.... and the remaining group gave it a valiant effort, but decided in the sake of preserving parts that was far enough. We shot the sh!t for a bit, then I headed around the massive rock on the opposite side where my cage and roof cover took some serious scraping abuse against the massive boulder.

We worked our way back down the wash, playing here & there as we went.... took a break or two and eventually got back to the staging area around 4 PM. It was a great day on 21 Road, no real damage, weather was perfect, rocks were just dry enough and the company was stellar!