For Sale 81 E350 box van


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Twin Falls, ID
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I just drove my E350 box from eastern Oregon to Twin Falls, and I'd like to find it a new home. It's in pretty good shape, the front end had some damage years back and the replacement hood fender and door have some rust in them.
The roll-up door needs some help, the original latch handle broke so it got a lock hasp put on. It's not perfect, but secure. The inside, aside from some creative artwork, is nice and sound.
There are work lights on the back, great for when someone decides to tailgate you with their high beams on.
400 V8, C6 auto, Edelbrock 4BBL, dual exhaust with glasspacks. The engine is fairly new, when I got it the ignition was a mess, so it has a new distributor, ignition module, and I spliced out a bad connector. It develops a lifter tick and slight misfire after a hard hill climb, like a valve is hanging open. I'm toying with pulling the heads and investigating, but haven't had the time.
The tires are in good shape, but are older. No dry rot that I've seen, but still something to be aware of.
It does 65 comfortably, gets a great 6.5mpg, and I can confidently say it's more comfortable to drive than a PT Cruiser.
It does have a pretty slick moon visor too.
I'm asking $2500 for it, I'm going to list it locally for $3000. I'll try to get some pics later this week.