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West Haven, UT
This was the first time for us to attend EJS - we generally don't like crowds or yahoo drivers on trails with us. But, I've wanted to go back to Moab - we haven't wheeled there since 2014 - not knowing if we'd have a good time or not, we limited our time to Saturday through Monday (23-26 Mar). This was the first time for us to use the truck camper, the new flatbed (and extra boxes), the hitch extension towing, and taking our 1982 scrambler on a trail.

Since buying the scrambler we've worked out most of the bugs - 350 small block, NP208, sniper efi, hydroboost brakes, ARB lockers fr/rear (wagoneer D44 and AMC 20). Suspension is outboarded YJ leafs SOA. 35" BFG KO3's.

We signed up for 7 mile rim (have run it before with our TJ), 3D and Lost World (new trail for 2024)

On 7 mile rim, the jeep worked great up until about 1/4 way in, then the motor just quit. We tried cranking it, but it would not light. I popped the hood and found we had no fuel pressure coming out of the Hyperfuel surge tank (glad I had installed a gauge). Last summer the sniper EFI died and had similar symptoms - no signal to the fuel pump. So I thought we were dead on the trail. The sniper ignition box didn't show a good crank light (should be green). We let a good portion of the group pass us, cooling off the engine and I tried starting it again. This time the fuel pump picked up pressure and the enginre fired up.

We continued down the trail about 10 minutes and it died again. Same problem, no fuel pressure out of the surge tank. I still couldn't get a solid light on the ignition box. We ended up doing the cool, start, run, die thing about 3 more times and decided to turn back.

On the way out, our initial run was about 20 minutes before dying. Then things got worse and it would only run for a few minutes. I could hear the fuel pump running, but it would not prime. The last time it died was on 191 starting down the hill into town. We coasted to a stop on the shoulder right behind a Tic Tac Tow truck picking up another car. He checked on us and gave us a number in case we wanted to get towed back to camp.

At this point I decided to swap in the spare fuel pump I had in back (should have tried that earlier...). I had most of the tools, but not an 11/16 wrench (or adjustable) to remove the lines from the surge tank. The little allen wrench was slow, but did the job. Without removing the lines I had to force the old pump out with a bit of force, but it did come out. The surge tank was full of fuel, so no heat soak or mechanical fuel pump issues. It had to be this pump. The new walbro fuel pump had a longer pickup sock on the bottom - I had to use a pocket knife to cut the line to size. I got it put together and it held a solid 60 psi with no leaks. It ran better than before. Bummer that I didn't try this on the trail (someone would have had the wrench). It ran perfectly the rest of the weekend.

On Monday we ran Lost World - rated a 3. There was really only one semi-difficult ledge climb along a bluff (pics below).

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Trying to wheel
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West Haven, UT
Here is the climb area. Bilstein sponsored the trail and had their Hellcat Gladiator and a JL in the group.
Here's a little closer look at the climb


The stock bronco behind us had a little trouble getting up the ledge, even with stacking rocks. I turned the scramber around and went back to winch them up. Once they saw me, they gave it some onion and made it up. I backed the scrambler up the obstacle in reverse.


There is a fair bit of sand mixed with some rock sections. Towards the end we stopped where this rock pile was on top of a small bluff.


Good view of the scrambler.


Bilstein gave away some swag and had a grand prize for someone on the trail.


Trying to wheel
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West Haven, UT
The Bilstein guys picked the only vehicle older than 2000 on the trail and said they were impressed with the willingness to help other wheelers. They also noticed that the jeep had old, plain white shocks. The prize included some cool swag and a full set of shocks.


Guess I be forced to cut off the previous owners ghetto shock hoops on the front - I'll make sure the new shocks don't look thrown on.


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I have a cool egg like that from a couple years ago. Congrats!

Came home on Friday, so my EJS 2024 went from Friday-Friday. Awesome week with awesome people. I go with a bunch of trail volunteers every year. We all compare notes each evening and encourage and harass each other.
It's SO cool to watch the event continue to grow and develop. Love seeing all the different rigs and drivers out there.
This year I was privileged/challenged to lead a few trails rather than just be a long standing gunner. I have to admit, I'm a little gassed from being a trail leader. I was very well prepared by many people but have to give a shout out to Bart Jacobs, Dave Laws, Rick Wolcott, Mark Pope, Brett Davis, Dempsey Bowling, Marlin Sharp and MANY others for their leadership and examples over the years.

This event means a lot to myself and my kids who also volunteer. Some of you ran into Lyndsay Bryson and some of you also ran into Eric Bryson.
It's amazing what it takes to put something like this together. The behind the scenes of getting a permit from BLM, insurance for the event, organizing all the trails (Ron and Linda and the Trails Committee) herding all the trail volunteers, venue arrangements and I'm sure MANY other things I don't know about.

If you see a Red Rock 4 Wheeler volunteer, especially those at the arena, thank them for their work. The trail volunteers get a bit of recognition but the folks keeping things moving are a bit more behind the scenes.

As important are the attendees. In my little circle of EJS 2024 everything went pretty swimmingly. A kickoff of Hells Revenge on first Sat, resulted in a cool experience for Dave Laws-Alan Taylor and myself that we hope to not repeat but was safely executed.

My first leader trail of Poison Spider on Sunday went off very well with my gunners and participants.
20240324_100658.jpgEaster Jeep Safari Sophomore Package #1 started on Monday with a couple of breakdowns on Dome Plateau (yes, really---couple broken leaf springs on a Toyota pickup truck and a faulty front driveline on a JLU). Kudos to all for their patience and big props to Jon Hall for taking care of our participants in the Toyota like we are supposed to. 20240325_124702 (1).jpg20240325_104949 (1).jpgDay 2 was Seven Mile and we had an AWESOME time. Some unplanned things happened and we interacted with three other EJS groups as we went through the trail along with at least one other group of Gladiators at Wipe Out Hill. I Lean proved to be a bit more challenging to some than expected but they came through just fine. Credit to our gunners again. 20240326_134018 (1).jpgIMG_1722.jpeg

20240326_130220 (1).jpg
Day 3 was Fins and Things for the group. Nerves were tested again on Fins but all got through unscathed. Some folks were really having a lot of fun testing themselves and their new found skills. Sophomore gunners Eric Bryson, Jacob Hornback and Justin Tyme deserve all the credit for pulling the Sophomore package off in a respectable fashion. Rick Wolcott does an amazing job with Easter Jeep Safari Sophomore Package so following in his footsteps is a little daunting. We did awesome and hope to do it again next year.

20240327_135537 (1).jpg
I took a break on Thursday and ran Black Dragon Canyon with the RR4W run. I was promoted to mid-gunner as our mid-gunner had to bail as we ended Eagle Canyon. Awesome group of folks there. I hope non-RR4W participants were as entertained through that trail as there were a large majority of red jackets on that trail.20240328_104834.jpg

Friday I ran Fins and Things again. Always good to get a different take from someone else's leading/gunning a trail. I needed to get headed north so I cut out at the radio tower before the last third of the trail. Picture is from the FlatFender group having a hiccup on the highway. Love that run!
Glad to meet everyone I met. Wish I was able to meet more awesome folks. Awesome to watch people become better drivers and gain confidence in what their vehicles and themselves can do on the rocks. Love seeing the mix of rigs and people on the trails. Thanks to Moab and the surrounding areas for the event! Thanks to the vendors that support the event! Thanks to all who put on the event! Thanks to BLM for the permit!