Trip Report Flatfenders at the Hump and Bump


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Plain City, UT
My friend Jeff Petrowich (jpet to some) and I recently attended the Hump and Bump event based out of the Clark County fairgrounds in Logandale, NV and put on by the Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers. Jeff drives a 1943 Willys MB he calles Bam Bam and I drive a 1948 Willys CJ2A I call Grampa's Jeep. Needless to say, we stuck out a bit at this event dominated by giant tires and big horsepower. None the less, we had a great time and were treated great by the event staff and the other participants seemed to enjoy having us along.
The parts of Logandale trail system that we experienced reminds me quite a bit of Sand Hollow, with trails intertwining and intersecting. Lots of cool slick rock obstacles with some sand and such as well.
We arrived on Thursday and the first trail was a night run. I can't really see much in the dark these days so I left my Jeep at camp and jumped in with Jeff. We ran a trail that the Vegas Valley guys rat as an 8 out of 10 called Bronco Falls.

Here's a pic of Bam Bam lining up for the trail as the sun starts to set.

Here's a video I put together of Bam Bam's run through Bronco Falls. I think Jeff and Bam Bam did a pretty good job of representing flat fenders on this run.

I will get some more video out of the other trails we ran soon.