Jeep Jeep Wrangler based truck (JT Gladiator)

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Now that we have a bunch of JT's on here, I'm going to start the RME Gladiator Gang!

We'll go run trails, drag our hitches, haul stuff in the beds and tow stuff... all while flipping off the Wrangler guys, just to make them whine and hate Gladiators a little more!

@bryson says our trucks are the same, so I'm in.


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I saw this one earlier. Looks familiar.

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Well it appears he moved on, and didn't get what he was asking. It's now for sale at Watt's in Utah county for $6k less....meaning, if he traded it in, he was about $10k less then he was asking. Hopefully he kept the bumper lights and shell and sold those separetely.



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Any of you crossmember/hitch dragging hooligans have the max tow package and could get me a part number for the rear springs?

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