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I think @Greg is forklift certified...

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True story: About 25 years ago I went into a battery store on Redwood Road at about 15th south, looking for a yellow top Optima. There was a Semi there to deliver a load of batteries, a bunch of customers waiting to be helped, and one guy working who was obviously very stressed over the situation. I told the guy working that I'd unload the truck, if he gave me a Yellow top Optima. He said "It's a deal" I hopped on their forklift, and proceeded to unload several pallets of batteries. It took maybe 15 minutes. The truck driver was happy, guy working the shop was happy, and I had a yellow top Optima that I ran for the next 13 years. It was one of the the good ones, before Johnson Controls bought Optima out.


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I never got certified but I used to cruise through the Bradshaw Auto warehouse at mach 1. I was great at it except for that one time I wasn’t. The pallet shifted and clipped a shelf, toppling the whole thing. My boss wasn’t even mad but I had to clean up all of it on my own. I seem to remember it being the brake drum shelf so I got quite the workout that day 🤣