McGee's Fab lab buggy Chassis #4


Richfield, UT.
I guess i didnt put it out there but i am going to keep building buggy chassis. Its something i quite enjoy. I built this chassis so i could spend the time and do the necessary R&D to make them go more smoothy. Ive had a sxs roll cage buisness for the last 3 years that has prospered to the point that i need a bigger challenge. These chassis will all be built in house by me with my cnc tube dragon we use for our sxs cages and with my cnc plasma table. I am going to be working on a improved 4 seat buggy based off of jaydens buggy also. Let me know if i can build you something. -Cory

Ive got this buggy chassis for sale. Some one buy it. 5k$ Located in Richfield Ut. 435-558-zero 8 Juan six

Its made out of 1.75"/1.5" .120 Dom and some 1.25 .095 4130 and set up to fit a ls drivtrain with 8"+ inches of up travel ideal for a portal car or go fast trail slayer. 52" wide. Coolant thru lower subrame design for rear mounted radiator. winch mount included. Modeled with 42" 114"wb and 8" bump. Id be open to making it a roller and or mounting a drive train. I have ls and th350/400 mock up block/cases. im 6'3" 290lbs and fit ight. Its based off of Jaydens buggy but better lol.

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