Official RME 4x4 Rattlesnake & Constrictor Cleanup w/ Meet & Greet @ Bewilder


Make RME Rockcrawling Again!
What; RME 4x4 Trail Cleanup at Rattlesnake & Constrictor trails, Five Mile Pass.
When; May 15th, 9 AM
Where; Snakes Parking Area, 5 PM for Meet and Greet at Bewilder Brewing
Who; You!

This will be a trail run & cleanup of our adopted trails, Rattlesnake & Constrictor. I'll bring a box or 2 of trash bags, we will have to haul out our trash as no dumpster will be provided for this cleanup. If some want to run Sidewinder and pick up trash on that trail as well, that would be great.

I'd like to plan the trail run & cleanup to last until about 3-4 PM, then meet at Bewilder in SLC for a Meet & Greet at 5 PM afterwards. Bewilder does currently require Face Masks, when your not at your table, so plan accordingly!

Who is attending? I'll be there with the Gladiator and hopefully a wife...