Tesla Truck (Cybertruck)


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Having watched this last night, I'd say this is easily the definitive video describing the Cybertruck. It is well worth your time.

I watched that yesterday as well. Very well made. The steer by wire is weird, but cool tech. I don't see myself ever buying a one because they are hideous...but cool nonetheless.


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I just looked for a video. Here's a video of a tri-motor Cybertruck like the one I drove. It did 0-60 in 2.6 seconds, on a sticky dragstrip.

Either of my Hayabusa's could beat that on a prepped dragstrip, with a light and very skilled rider. On the street, with an average rider, the truck will likely beat the bikes to 60 mph

It takes no real skill to stomp the accelerator pedal down in the Truck.



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I still believe the Cybertruck is Musks way of seeing how much influence he has. As long as he puts it out people will somehow think it's cool and buy it. Almost like it's his inside joke on all his customers.

They are just :puke:

I don't know.. The guys walking away from the last one I saw were like rockstars... Super nerdy computer programmer rockstars... I could literally hear people in the parking lot all oohing and aahing at it. Nerd boys were on cloud nine.


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The neighbor of my cousin had a Rivian truck. After lots of problems and fighting with Rivian, he finally got them to buy it back under the Lemon Law.
A friend of mine has loved his Rivian. Uses it a lot on the Navajo Nation even with the limited electricity there and has loved it.