Project: Cheap! But still OK.

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I got a little time to work on stuff today. Beginning the wheels:

Take one 17" dually wheel:

Ruin it thusly:

Clean the paint off the outer lip, tidy up the plasma-cut edges a little bit:

The next step will be welding this in place.

Now repeat 4 more times. :) It takes about 10 minutes per wheel, so I'll give myself another hour of labor for the 5. (not all are done yet, but....)

This will be the wheel center, as well as the inner part of DIY beadlocks. As such, the brake caliper gets into the recessed part of the wheel shell, so I'll add a 1/2" spacer to the middle. That should clear by a teeny bit, making these wheels absolutely as much positive offset as I can make fit. (since these axles are W I D E, and I'm not narrowing the housings)


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Is there a specific reason you started with dually wheels, or was it the low introductory price that drove this decision? I like it, whatever the reason. They should have a higher load rating than single wheel, or used to. 😁


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Your skills continue to blow me away Carl. Well done. Can't wait to see the finished product.
See the finished product? yes.

compete against it? no... (I am still having flashbacks of what he could do in SoopaHicks TJ) :D

Not sure he will compete with this, but just in case he does!! :)
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I'm curious what kind of steering angle you'll be able to get with those wheels. I've looked at those axles and unless you run low backspacing it gets tricky to get anything past 40° of steering angle. Tire gets into the driveshaft and not much room to sneak a control arm through. Even with 37" tires. Curious to see what you come up with. :cool: