Free TJ Gas Tanks


But stuck more often.
Used - Good Condition
Two TJ gas tanks. One tank skid. All in goodish condition. Skid came off 2006 LJ. Not sure of the years of the tanks.



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Hmmmm, wonder how to find the year of the tanks? I would take one with the skid if it was a 2004 to 2006.


But stuck more often.
Don't quote me on this, but when I picked them up I was under the impression (as I recall...... years ago) that there were two different tanks. An early tank, and a later tank. Seems like I picked up one of each as I didn't know what I'd need. So there's a good chance that one of these will meet your needs.

They're going to the dump on Monday or Tuesday.


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Do you have a picture of the bottom tank?Top tank looks early. My 05’ looks different that that one. Need a new one as I broke the evap fitting while lowering it🤦🏼