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Bunch of old dudes in here with tailgate steps and dash mounts for their phones :rofl:

With my old 1/2 ton I could actually take a few steps and jump onto the tailgate. I'm scared to try with the 3/4 ton but I'm tall so I can reach over the bedsides to load stuff or slide it to the tailgate. That's my super power


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Daughter needed some hours driving on her learners permit, so we did the alpine loop. So pretty! Can’t recall having done it in the snow before, as it’s usually closed during snow times. The natural scenic wonder around me was tempered a bit by my white knuckle fear of my 15 yr old sending us off the cliff edge or clipping an oncoming vehicle on the tiny lane passes. Was planning on going down in some combination of the two. She did pretty well, we survived to tell the tale.5CA98F34-5315-4D1C-9E0C-B41D7AD4713E.jpeg
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